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Apr '13

New System Up And Running.

With no company for dinner tonight I actually had a little time to finish setting up the new computer after mailing off a bunch of packages (some from the print shop, some from me).

Here is what it looks like so far:

The little tablet running Windows 7 is on the left, and then there is a 17″ monitor in portrait mode – something that the old server’s video card did not support. No, when I travel, I’ll just pull the tablet from its docking station, unplug the power supply, and throw it in the bag with the bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Might have to get an additional one – unfortunately it has a proprietary plug so it will have to come from HP at $40 or something like that. I’m wondering if the tablet is small enough to leave in my carry-on bag like the Kindle is.

After searching the TSA site it says devices the size of iPads can stay in your bag – though their blog says sometimes security is clueless about that rule.

So nice to power down the noisy living room server – final item is to set up email forwarding on the office server (and find a new home for the living room beast).

Steak and salad for dinner tonight – and a little cleaning/bed making in anticipation of company tomorrow night.


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