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Apr '13

Send Back Your Dead.

Apparently Monday is “Send Back Your Dead” day:

  • Tablet died – going back to Geeks.com
  • Car stereo doesn’t fit – going back to Amazon

Can’t buy a new tablet until they realize they can’t do an exchange, but I did reorder a new car stereo (after checking out Fry’s just to make sure)… a single-din unit rather than a double din – and no CD player. Does have:

  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • AUX input
  • AM/FM radio

I like the big “answer phone” button.

Apparently for $75 you get WAY more than the $150 system I returned. Didn’t realize this unit had:

  • Flip out faceplate
  • And it has a iWhatever interface for phone/pods etc.

Considering I didn’t even notice this before I ordered it… might have to get an iPod.

I’m still amazed at the price of electronics these days. For my $75 I get a single-din to double-din adapter plate, all the connectors. Can’t wait to install it.

Well, that was my day off work. Just me and a big old steak that I managed to only get half way through — leftovers for work once I’m done eating the meatloaf from last week.


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