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Apr '13

Slacker Lawn Care.

Got off a little early from work as Roxy came in a little early. Came home and did this:

Mowed and edged the front, back and alley – about 2 hours of sweating in the sun. But the sun was out and that is good. The post is called “Slacker Lawn Care” because the two possible people who I’d hoped to do my lawn over the summer both flaked out.

Moved the car into the front yard to charge it a bit – may need a new battery as it seems to have lost its charge in the couple of days since I drive it – or there is a short some place which is not something I want to deal with.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to register the car without getting it smog tested – all depends on if it just model year (then I won’t) or previous records of smog testing (which I well have to since I doubt the UW did any testing). We will see.

Pork chops on the dinner plate tonight.

Early to bed for once.


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