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May '13

Happy Birthday Missy.

Opened the shop and closed the party. Well, the latter isn’t exactly true, though I did spend more time that I had planned – even ran into the service tech that fixed the trimmer last week – that was too weird. Apparently he has a buddy who lives in the neighborhood, and it was sort of a neighborhood party with half a dozen bands playing and somebodies riverside house two blocks from my house.

Lots of unexpected fun:

And you can see the progress on the bridge.

And since the house is in the “Sliver By The River” which is King County, not Seattle, bonfires (and fireworks) are legal.

I invited Long to join me at the party to celebrate Missy’s birthday, but he was pooped from a long bicycle ride. Tonight is his last night with me before going off to stay with his lady friend in West Seattle, which makes me wonder why he didn’t just stay there all week.

Oh well, it will be nice to have the house back. I think I’ll start limiting my couchsurfers to a max of 3 days since as Benjamin Franklin says: “Fish and guests stink in three days.” Though I must admit I thought it was Mark Twain that used that line.


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