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May '13

A SWAT Team Sendoff.

The day was spent running errands and doing for final bits of packing. Pretty amazing that it got up to 87 today – the 6th of May! That’s not only a record winner, but 20 degrees over normal.

Dropped the remains of last night’s Bonny Doon Picpole (translates to “lip smacker”) at Jim’s along with Suze’s California liquor order, then to Safeway to pick up a couple of six-packs of Diet Vernors, one of which is going into my luggage with my bottle of “wine”. I must be a god to turn wine into whiskey. Chris dropped mine and her orders this morning.

I was amused by the cashier on the receipt:


Dinner by myself and catching up on other things during the evening.

However, just past midnight the neighborhood suddenly lit up with police:

There were a couple of dozen police cars which backed away when the two SWAT teams showed up – so it was an early morning of loudspeakers blasting “You are surrounded. Open the door slowly and back out with your hands in the air.”

Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep.



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