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May '13

Swanda’s New Digs.

The usual of working Sunday, and a decent (for a Sunday) take at the till thanks to a rush at 4:30.

The big news of the day is dinner at Swanda’s new digs up north. I don’t envy the “joys” of moving. It’s taken him a month to get everything put away – and the last big item is now in the back of my station wagon, the rollaway guest bed. Where I’m going to put that is another question, but it is always handy to have a spare bed.

Porkloins over roasted onions – he did the roasted root vegetables separately for the BF since neither of us are doing carbs.

Left early as compared to when I used to dine at the old place since it’s twice the distance (but much cheaper in rent) and I tend to not like to drive after having wine with dinner.

Looking forward to being off tomorrow… time to run all those errands.


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