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May '13

Booked Me A MegaDo.

What’s a MegaDo? It’s what happens when mileage whores get together and charter a plane and arrange all sorts of travel geek events.

Click here for the schedule of events: http://www.megado.com/schedule/

Here is what my late October mid-week will look like:

The MegaDo starts in Toronto, so I’m using Alaska miles to get a First Class ticket on American (32,500 miles plus $17.50) via Houston and Chicago – hey, it’s First, you don’t care how long it takes you to get someplace if they are feeding and boozing you.

Wednesday morning starts with a free breakfast at the Ritz Carlton, followed by a tour of a luggage factory that makes high-end travel stuff, comes with a BBQ lunch, though what the Canadians know about BBQ we will see. The evening is a reception (assuming dinner as well) hosted by Marriott Hotels and Resorts at the back at the Ritz.

Thursday its back to the Ritz for breakfast, and then busses out to the airport for a day of Air Canada sponsored events – apparently MegaDo folks being travel whores get a ton of attention from Airline Brass. After all that it’s back to the Ritz for a reception hosted by Air Canada. Apparently one year they gave all the attendees models of the airplane they were flying on. Must remember to pack camera.

Friday is the crazy day when after breakfast we all get in a chartered Airbus 321 to fly to Tucson, spend a couple of hours touring the “boneyard” of dead military planes, then fly to San Francisco for a hanger party sponsored by United. This would be the StarAlliance MegaDo as opposed to the OneWorld MegaDo. That runs until 8:30, then I get on a plane back to Seattle ($120 one-way).

Last time I checked, there were still seats available… but they have gone fast in the past.

And apparently I even get double (plus my Gold bonus) miles for this trip since it’s a charter. We will see on that. Might make it worth going back to Hong Kong so I could get United Gold through 2014, but I’m more worried about making MVP on Alaska at the moment.

Spent my evening rejiggering all the various flights and hotels.

Went to bed jittery and excited.


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