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May '13

End Of One Work Week,

Beginning Of Another.

Most working stiffs look forward to Friday – for me, it’s just the end of one work week and the beginning of another. At least I get to go car camping after work.

The Radical Faeries are getting together for the annual Memorial Day Longhouse Gathering. Occasionally there is a late summer shindig as well, but nothing planned at the moment. This will be the first test of how the Ford Focus works as a car camper.

Pulled the mattress off the rollaway in the garage, packed the cooler with ice and mixers, threw in the folding picnic table and these plastic snap together squares to provide a non-dirt place to get in/out of the back.

First impression is that it’s a little tight, but beats sleeping in my tent/cot. Might swap the mattress out for the slightly smaller one in the guest bedroom for the next trip.

Sorry, no pictures. Maybe when I’m back on Sunday night…. Since I have to work Saturday and Sunday, my camping will be Friday night and Sunday night.

Roast chicken and some wonderful conversation for dinner. I joked that I had some Retsina with me (the PineSol of fine Greek wines) and to my surprise the chap I was chatting with said he loved Retsina – not something you often hear.

Maybe that’s why we ended up spending a LOT of time together tonight, if you catch my meaning.


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Beginning Of Another.

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