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May '13

Sun Day (But Rainy) At The Shop

Sun Night In The Bog.

Dead first hour, then all hell broke loose – four figures by the end of the day and a special order for half the day’s take. Three stellar days in a row.

And off to the bog I go after closing after 5 – last minute run of customers. Maybe we should do until six on Sundays.

Well – quick commute to the bog to rejoin the boys camping (car camping in my case):

The camping set up, lower tail gate when it rains – thinking about a tent add-on.

Interior view – comfy bed, LOTS of blankets (and condiments – to the right). Awaiting Velcro® for the bottom parts of the curtains.

Uncle Markie’s version of BOX wine.

Sunset in the bog. When I do the tent extension for the car it will be based on the canopy above.

Alli did the most amazing diner tonight – a Thai steak salad (tasty but the pieces of steak should have been smaller) and a pork red curry over rice. The BEST food I have ever had at a faerie gathering.

No nooky tonight. Damn.


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Sun Night In The Bog.

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