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May '13

Work, Then Off To Oly To see The President

Very light day at the print shop, but the owner (the local one) was there when I arrived – it was nice to spend half an hour chatting with him. It gave me a few new perspectives on our plan to see what they would think about turning it into a non-profit Foundation.

Off work at 2, headed to Oly around 3. After dicking around and traffic got there at 5:30 for the social hour of the President’s Recognition Award Dinner. What a change from last year and the unlimited flow of wine. This year: tickets that entitled you two a maximum of two glasses. Luckily I had none drinkers at my table to run and grab me some of their allotment. This year’s dinner wasn’t nearly as wild as year’s and not nearly as much fun.

Let during the last presentation to make it to Dwight’s place by nine for an evening of drinking and storytelling.

I miss that boy – it had been too long. Dwight is the one that I brought back the 4-port USB hub in the shape of a large Lego brick. Here are two of his more strange Lego constructions:

Frank Lloyd Wright rendered in Lego.

He’s got thousands of dollars tied up in his bricks….


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