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Jun '13

Traffic A Freakin’ Mess.

Out of the house at noon to take the boy back north… with the Mercer ramp closed traffic is truly a mess, luckily not for northbound, but getting back south might be a challenge if the express lanes switch direction… luckily they didn’t and it was only a 15 minute delay after getting off the freeway to be able to get up Capital Hill.

My turn to close the shop today – then it’s off to dinner as Swanda’s place with BreticusMaximus and DancingBear. Now if any one of them would pick up the phone to let me in. Twenty minutes later at least BM saw my text. Seems everyone had put their phone on vibrate for their afternoon game of Caton. Geesh.

That made it 8pm by the time I got there – forgot Swanda’s chilled bottle of white at the shop, was to the freeway with an expectedly closed freeway entrance when I remembered. I had a delivery order for DB as well.

Home later than I wanted, a little after ten. Fell asleep on the couch in the middle of Saturday Night Live. Guess I needed the sleep.


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