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Jun '13

Couch Surfer Alert.

Work at the print shop is slow, slow, slow — definately the end of the season. I’ve started taking off the minute Roxy arrives and giving the hours to him. I have been catching up on my reading though.

Been texting with this week’s couch surfer, a 21-year-old gay guy most recently from Eugene, Oregon but raised in Ogden, Utah. Trying to find a time to meet him at the house, which as it turned out, he was already their when I got home — just hanging out looking like a one-man gay pride parade in his aqua skinny jeans and bright pink top — lets not forget the purple print vinyl bag….

He wants to move to Seattle — has friends here, has a guy he’s interested in, now he just needs a job so he can move it with a friend, who wisely said, “No Job, No Room”. His ideal job would be with Planned Parenthood since that’s where he worked in Eugene and really likes the service they provide.

Thomas (the couch surfer) has a game night planned with friends so he won’t be around for dinner tonight (but will tomorrow).

As for me, a little steak, a little salad, a little wine and it’s all good.

Well, that and working a little more on the trailer.


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