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Jun '13

Dinner With The Couch Surfer.

Six orders in the queue at work today. I spent the rest of the time reading the Wall Street Journal and working on a document entitled “Initial Considerations for Business Transition” which beside being a run-on sentence is meant for the owners of the business and suggesting how they turn it into a non-profit foundation running a business (like Newman’s Own, etc.).

Working with Roxy to review/edit/tweak the two-pager broad outline. We’ll see what John, the President has to say about our proposal. The three founding partners are starting to talk about some sort of transition was they all move into their child wanting years. John just proposed to his partner a couple of weeks ago (gay) and the other two partners (straight) are married but so far childless.

Monday night (forgot to mention THAT) Roxy, John, Erin (one of the partners) and I had dinner out on Queen Anne at Petit Toulouse (French) as a finalie to the season. That was a nice treat — and, of course, they made me pick the wine.

But back to today — dinner with Couch Surfer Thomas (CST) of steaks, fresh bread, salad. CST doesn’t cook (or at least well according to him) so the sight of fresh bread from the oven was welcomed.

He’s off to a movie with his Methodist Chaplin wanting to be boyfriend. Well, he wants it, not sure if the Chaplin wants it.

Two comments about CST.

  • Spends too much time in the bathroom, no matter what time the day
  • Spends too much time holed up in the guest bedroom/office

He’s just on his laptop in the bedroom — it wouldn’t offend me if he were on his laptop in the living room — at least there would be a little more interaction.

Oh well, that’s why couch surfers are limited to three nights.



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