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Jun '13

Four For Fancy Food.

Not a bad first couple of hours for the till, too bad it didn’t continue through the tasting of Austrian wines. Blame the weather – the sun was out which means the beach or the weeds over tasting fine wines.

Roxy and Jerrod came to join the couchsurfer and I for dinner. Yes, I let him stay one more day – mostly so he could meet the boys and maybe get a better idea of what the faeries are about. In the end all we did was to probably freak him out – needless to say he didn’t participate in the post dinner hottubbing.

Speaking of dinner – totally spaced getting a picture of the four of us, or even of the al fresco dining. Mixed grill of smoked black cod (very rich), steaks, turkey Italian Sausages, salad and a loaf of dill rye.

So, the couchsurfer who said he had no dietary restrictions turns out to not like:

  • Rabbit (had them as pets as a kid, as my mother did)
  • Duck (had them as pets as a kid)
  • Caraway seeds (which are in pretty much every Italian Sausage ever made)

I was fun to watch him try and pick them out of the sausage.

We (well Roxy, Jerrod, me) partied into the night. Couchsurfer went to bed.


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