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Jun '13

Work, Drive Fast, Play.

My morning text from Roxy. “Danger danger… missing cards… car2go and orca card with number 232 on the front last seen on or near the chaise lounge”

Car2Go is a car sharing service in Seattle and Orca is the transit card for busses and light rail.

Brought them to the shop with me and at noon a very hungover Roxy and Jerrod popped in to pick up the cards and the pack of Cocktail Colors cigarettes that he left. And there was a change deposit on my deck of 51 cents as well. Lots of people dropping lots of things last night.

Got to the shop to find that there are still samples from yesterday’s tasting – in addition to the two I plan to open today. Seven bottles to sample from – that’s a hell of a Sunday but whatever is left goes to Julians with me tonight after work and after a three hour drive. The leftover samples don’t bode well for yesterday’s sales – and it’s true. Broke four digits, but just barely – worst Saturday since the end of November.

By comparison, it wasn’t a bad Sunday — though the first 4 hours wouldn’t have shown that since it was dead, dead, dead — thought I was going to have to subsist on the woman who were hanging out someplace close by and kept coming in for more cold bubbly – though at $10 a bottle it wasn’t going to be a lot.

As usual, customers right under the wire — thinking that being open until 6 on Sunday might be safer… but I do like getting off at 5 so I can make dinner for folks at the house.

5:10 I was on the road to Portland — 7:40 I was in Portland having made a gas stop in Lacey. Two and a half hours — with a gas stop. Damned impressive — think I’ll take me time on the way home.

The graduation party for Julian was in full swing when I arrived — luckily there was a little food left for me — home make pulled pork sandwiches. Damn fine.

Sis-in-law, bro-in-law, nieces left shortly after I arrived only to return with a car issue. There goes Karen’s trip to Evergreen tomorrow. Besides Julian’s graduation they have been on the road for Emily’s graduation and are looking at colleges for Karen for 2014.

Here are a couple dark shots of the festivities…

Jameson and Julian noodling around.

Julian’s girlfriend and his parents, not noodling.

A late night — the moonshine I brought didn’t make it through the evening.


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