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Jun '13

More Trailer Time.

11pm to Young’s Market, a Columbia Beverages store to open a wholesale account to avoid split case fees. Got some sake, punte mas (Italian Vermouth), and Regan’s Orange Bitters – but the two wines from Columbia that I wanted they didn’t stock so Jim is going to have to track down a sales rep since ours went to work for another distributor.

2pm at the dentist for the thrice yearly $300 fleecing

3:30 at home putting on the final coat of red paint on the trailer, and getting it’s fenders on:

Yes, that is the hot dog roller sitting about where it will go, though it will be raised about 9 inches so that the roller height is 36″ – and it will allow me access to the steam table drain.

Next up is the wiring for lights – got the brackets painted a nice matching black.

Just a quiet chicken breast over a bed of greens kind of evening.

[210.2 – damn road trip food]

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