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Jun '13

Work Then Dinner With Friends

A good day at the shop, busy with customers and setting up the next three Sunday Sippers (2 bottles open). The response to today’s Sunday Sipper – battle of the rosés – brought people in. It is rosé season after all.

Kept the shop open past 5 and snagged one of our regulars who had lost track of time. Might be a good idea to stay open until 6 during the summer months Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Dinner with Anne and Timmy – used to work with Anne at the Chicago Science Group 12 years ago or so. Great dinner of smuggled in camembert cheese, roasted beats with blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese hamburgers minus buns, and a nice big salad.

Didn’t stay late as it’s a “school night” for Anne, and frankly I was a little beat from work.


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