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Jun '13

More Trailer Time.

Closer and closer we get to the wiener trailer.

Well, the base is done….

Now it needs drawers, shut-off valves, paint.

And for tonight, I’m in.


But as Swanda pointed out in a follow-up email, I’d completely spaced him and Josh coming to dinner… must have been a long week. His take on the evening:

We had a MASSIVE storm hit last night out of the blue right about rush hour and what a mess. Instant flooding and the lightening. I was driving from my place down to Markie’s for dinner. When I left my place it was bright and sunny, even had the sunglasses on. By the time I got downtown, the glasses were off and the skies grew darker. The storm hit just as I was getting near his place.

He had planned to grill and have dinner out back on the deck. Plans changed. We enjoyed grilled veggies plus a variety of sausages, lamb, chicken and enjoyed a bottle of wine. His friend Josh joined us and so there was some fresh made bread as well. A salad of greens and tomatoes was simple and yet a perfect addition.


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