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Jun '13

Finally on a plane to SAF – and yes, this plane is running late as well coming in from ABQ.

Breakfast at the French place in the United terminal – after a mad dash back to security because in my morning fog I’d left my cell phone and hat behind. Maybe the mimosa and eggs benedict (on a croissant of all things) will help.

Jon and Obrad met me at the airport – and surprisingly, my bags made it as well. Next stop is to pick of my sis-in-law, abandoned at the Santa Fe Baking Company, then off to get me set up in my WorldMark condo. John and Norma took off, leaving me and Obrad to walk a couple of blocks to the Busy Bee Deli, which is all Mexican food so I’m not sure why the odd name. Fish tacos for both Obrad and I. Pinot Grigio for me, lemon water for Obrad. A light lunch as dinner is at 5:30 tonight.

Around 4:30 we set out for El Castillo (The Castle) when my mom lives. About 20 minutes to walk it – though the 30mph gusts of wind whipped sand and dust in our eyes and mouth.

Got to Moms, drink in hand, when the gusts of wind knocked out the power. Looks like Mom isn’t coming to dinner since no power = no elevator. Surprisingly the kitchen is serving food by candlelight (and emergency lighting), though nothing from the steam table.

After dinner I finished fixing Mom’s touch-tone phone so at least she’d have a landline that works – her cordless phone doesn’t do much good with the power out.

After I got back to the condo, Craig (a friend from LA) came over for a nightcap. Chatted well into the evening, though don’t think I convinced him to come of my birthday ramble. Still need to find somebody for that – at least I found a replacement for the Mexico trip.

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