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Jun '13

Pre-Celebration BBQ.

Slept in… and then lunch at the New York Deli a couple of blocks from the condo. HUGE servings. I got the Reuben:


I ate the bread, I didn’t eat the matchstick fries – should have gotten more cole slaw.

Next, Mike swung by for errand time:

Albertsons for:

  • (2) 1.75 of bourbon for mom
  • (4) 750mls of Evan Williams for me
  • (12) Diet Cokes for me
  • (1) Moscato – definitely not for me
  • (2) Limes
  • (6) Tonic

Trader Joes for:

  • (5) different salsas
  • (3) different chips
  • (2) tubs cookies for Mom’s book club
  • (2) lemonade for Mom’s book club
  • (1) jug premade Margarita’s for, you guessed it, Mom’s book club
  • (1) orchid – purple, to match the accent wall, for Mom’s book club

And then it was off to the Pre-Party Celebration at my sis-in-law’s place out in Eldorado. Trying to shuttle a dozen or so people in and out of town has been amusing. Thanks Jen (sis-in-law) for all the prep work.

Pre-made BBQ, salads, lots of good food. I didn’t drive so I worked on Bourbon, my aunt Gin, beer for some, wine for some.

Another late night…

[? ??] Who knows with all the carbs getting into my diet this trip.

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