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Jul '13

Post Celebration.

My job today is to make sure that by 11:30 I’m:

  • Up
  • Shit, showered, shaved
  • Fed

The “fed” part was at Bert’s Burger Bowl for a Green Chile Sausage Burrito for breakfast:

In time to walk the 20 minutes to El Castillo to drive to the airport:

  • Aunt
  • Cousin
  • Dad’s Cousin
  • Dad’s Cousin’s Wife

Easy trip to the airport. Hit the reservation gas station and filled up on $3.12 Regular — .45 cheaper than Santa Fe. Apparently the Res gas stations don’t pay into New Mexico’s Ground Water Fund (guess where sis-in-law works as a lawyer).

Back to the condo for reading, a little nap, then off to hang with Mom to deal with the dead phone, and accept a lovely gift of a liter of the limited release Malacca Gin (Tanqueray). To understand this amazing Gin you should read this: http://www.drinkspirits.com/gin/tanqueray-malacca-review/ There are very few Gins that make an incredible martini AND an incredible Gin and Tonic. My mother’s words from my teenage days were “don’t mix with the good stuff”. She changed her mind with the Malacca. And now I have a liter. And for Swanda – apparently it’s available at Hilt’s All Star Liquor – according to my brother who does all his shopping there.

Got to the house…. No wine. Apparently many days of many guests have cleaned out the place – off to the Agora Market for 1 white and 2 reds. Here is a sign I saw with an amusing typo:

That should be “Clos du Bois”, not Boise, as in Idaho.

More food off the grill for dinner – it’s what you do when you feed the masses.

Back to town early as I’ve got Mom’s car and New Mexico is finally cracking down on “drink/drive” as the say on the continent (Europe).

Time for laundry – turns out I didn’t pack enough clothes… free laundry, not problem, just a waiting line.

Now if I’d remembered to pack packing tape for the booze hauler.


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