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Jul '13

Paperwork Day.

Well, I’ve been putting off lots of paperwork for weeks now. The first order of business was dealing with the denial that I got from the National Security Agency (NSA) for any meta-data that they have in their possession with regards to me personally.

You can see a sample redacted Freedom of Information Act request for records here:
http://www.studio403.com/FOIA/NSA FOIA request-redacted.pdf

You can see the letter I received in response to my request here with links to the various statutes:

My favorite line from the terse 3-page (it’s the government after all) denial was:

“Were we to provide positive or negative responses to requests such as yours, our adversaries’ compilation of the information provided would reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.”

In my letter to my elected officials (view here: http://www.studio403.com/FOIA/Murray Letter.pdf) I pointed out that as a “trusted traveler and member in good standing of both Nexus (speed lane to get into Canada via car/plane) and Global Entry (speed lane to get back into the US bypassing immigration lines) that they already know more than enough about me.

If anyone wants the word files for any of the above, just drop me a note.

Got the letters in the mail, not that I think that it will do much good, though hopefully the winds of Congress will change.

Didn’t get my quarterly taxes done, that’s still on the list.

The always lovely Mr. Bliss came for dinner (filet mignon and crab cakes) and stayed to see most of The Thin Man before the computer stopped for some unknown reason – now there is another thing to fix on my list.


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