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Jul '13

GREAT Day At The Shop.

Possibly a record winning day at the wine shop, helped along by a wedding order for over $1700 of wine – which they picked up in the MIDDLE of the every Saturday wine tasting from 2-4. Not the best timing, but we’ll take the money and run.

Since I opened I was out of there at a little after 4 – off to pick up Roxy for a dinner date.

The order of service:

  • Cocktails
  • Start the bread going
  • More cocktails
  • Proof the bread
  • More cocktails
  • Bake the bread
  • Work on dinner
  • Pop some wine
  • Eat dinner
  • More cocktails

And for those of you who haven’t met Roxy in person, here is a photo:

One of the things I learned tonight is that he has a 1/6 interest in a beach house on Stewart Island:

His place is the brown one on the left – now I just need to research if Kenmore Air can land on that beach in a direct flight from Lake Union just north of downtown Seattle.

I sent him home with the station wagon so he could go to Whidbey Island for a concert tomorrow (and to do more of his laundry – though he did one load tonight). I’ll get the car back on Monday when I need to take the Miata into the shop.

Another late night.


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