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Jul '13

ANOTHER Great Day At The Shop.

Wow – nice bump from the end of the month – four figures to the left of the decimal point. Nice.

While I was at the shop (got out late – last minute customers) I got a call from DancingBear inviting himself to dinner since he was just down the street helping with Faerie stuff around the upcoming gathering – guess that means I’m going shopping on the way home.

Dinner? Chicken breasts in Alfredo sauce and a nice big salad, and oddly, red wine since they whites and rosés weren’t cold yet. It was just a shade nippy for an al fresco dinner, but we did it anyway.

After he left it was back to working on the Kenmore Air problem – got an answer. Yes, they can land on that beach depending on the tide. Now I just need to get a price! Here is what we are talking about chartering:

Cessna 180 Seaplane
The Cessna 180 is a small, three-passenger versatile and dependable seaplane that is a favorite to charter as it is the most economical price/mile. Produced between 1953 and 1981, our Cessna 180 planes are day V.F.R. (Visual Flight Rules) certified and equipped, including GPS, and have a maximum range of 500 miles at a cruise speed of 130 mph.

And their route guide:

Stewart Island is the upper left island on the San Juan Island inset. It’s listed as a charter destination only. I’m starting to get excited.

Car to the shop tomorrow – probably should have been in bed before 2am.


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