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Jul '13

Another Couch Surfing Day.

Been staying up later than usual which means getting up later than usual. Must be the couch surfer.

A late breakfast, a Safeway run, and at three it was off to pick up the ragtop from the collision place. How’s it look now:

Sort of odd shadows on it but it’s a good as new. Of course when I took the bus to the repair shop we got stuck with the bridge up. Can’t wait until spring when the South Park Bridge reopens.

A bacon-wrapped pork loin, salad, fresh bread – that was dinner.

After dinner it was time to book Tim an $18 Bolt Bus ticket to Vancouver tomorrow – he tried and failed to get a ride share. But $18 isn’t too bad for a ticket. And since I had to use my credit card (it wouldn’t take his European address) I think that means that I get the credit for the trip, not unlike the time that I wasn’t able to use a ticket (and they don’t offer refunds) I got a trip credit for that one as well.

And finally got the numbers back on flying to Stewart Island – not cheap:




Per Person


$ 782.00

$ 1,564.00

$ 521.33


$ 1,221.00

$ 2,442.00

$ 407.00


$ 1,965.00

$ 3,930.00

$ 393.00


And when you figure you’d need to give up one of those seats for food and supplies…. Even further ouch.


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