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Aug '13

Sunday At The Shop.

Hectic day at the shop with multiple events – the French Sunday Sippers with a kicker of Italian box wine from Tuscany that ran from 11-5 and the last two hours there was an artist reception for the two artists currently hanging in the shop. That part of the day was truly odd… they brought lots of food, and none of their friends showed up. Part of the deal is that the artists are supposed to promote the hell out of the event since we don’t take a cut of their sales (in exchange for said promotion).

Oh well, still turned out to be a good day at the shop. Had a regular customer (a transplanted New Yorker) come in for as he said, “A mixed case of red, and another mixed case of whites and rosés, all under 13% alcohol by volume.” Easy enough to do. We list the alcohol content on our wine cards if it’s less than 13%. Unfortunately, that’s a manual process since it’s not in our database (yet).

Speaking of databases – last Sunday I finally got the database cleaned up so that the record number is the print number – saves me a ton of time when doing the print merge for new cards or cards with corrections.

After work it was off to Fluffernutters to drop off a hot dog cooking machine (think two slots for buns, two slots for dogs that works like a toaster). A regifted Swanda present from years ago – yes, I’m still on that slow cleaning binge.

A cocktail there and then he followed me to the house for a printing project for his upcoming wedding which I’m forbidden to spill the details of.

I’d stopped at Safeway on the way to his place and found some 50% off chicken/pesto puffs in the freezer section so made a tray of those. Turned out that was my dinner.

A fun evening all around.


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