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Aug '13

Nobody For Dinner.

Well, the long string of dinner parties is over until Friday when Magnatrocia (who is going on my birthday ramble with me in September) and Karol, a couchsurfer from Poland who sent his summer working in Montana on some work/exchange thingee.

A couple of weeks ago Dan (my ex who is my IT guy) got an email wondering if I’d consider selling the sott.com domain name for $1,000. SOTT was the domain for the archives of Sign of the Times, A Chronicle of Decadence in the Atomic Age that I edited and published for 12 years in the 80’s and 90’s. Considering I haven’t made changes to the site in years, it’s more like a time capsule. I moved the site to a sub-domain of unclemarkie.com. If you are interested in seeing the archive, you will find it at http://sott.unclemarkie.com/

Of course now I need to make changes to the PayPal code for it to still work. Oh well, a grand is a grand, and combined with the grand owes me from a friend, and two paychecks from the shop (quarterly interest payment, and counter hours), it’s not going to be a bad month after all.

And then this came in:

On the left is my old house on Boylston in the Capital Hill neighborhood (the gay ghetto)…next to it on the lot that had a house about the same size as mine, that Greg and I had the chance to buy at the same time as the one we did buy is what is lovingly called a “tall and skinny”. Might have to go take a look for myself tomorrow.

WOW. I think it’s just Karmic Revenge for Alan, who bought my house, and is a total pain in the ass (or was).

Steak and salad for dinner.

And an amazing weight number this morning. Credit it to dehydration.


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