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Aug '13

Tonight, Bed Surfer, Not Couch Surfer.

Well, today’s excitement is a dinner/sleepover date. The downside? He doesn’t have a car or a driver’s license. Lakewood (south of Tacoma) here I come. Hence the sleepover part. I’m not driving 45 minutes after wine with dinner.

At least is wasn’t in the middle of winter – 45 minutes with the top down is much better than 45 minutes playing slip-n-slide.

Got my car (the wagon) back from Mountaine who is in town for an extended holiday of spiritually recharging Washington Coast camping, combined with seeing the Ring Cycle (Wagner) with a friend of his and Helene, then he’s back to Tennessee. Some issues – power plug (formerly known as a cigarette lighter) not working – I said check the fuse since the horn didn’t work when I bought it – BINGO, and the front passenger tire low after several days of camping. Got to get that checked out.

Had to do an afternoon Safeway run for green beans – he’s not such a fan of salad, though after dinner around ten was requesting salad and was quite happy that I had some chicken strips to put on it.

That dinner? A couple of ¾ pound lamb shoulder blade cut lamb chops with a Caribbean jerk seasoning cooked in the same pan with green beans and bacon and a large salad. I really should have made a pot of rice for him as it would be culturally appropriate. I was hoping he’d adapt to the Atkins-style diet so that he doesn’t plump up anymore.

Wish I’d taken pictures – it did turn out pretty.

With company – no work on the garage, maybe tomorrow, maybe after Labor Day. It has to happen soon – fall and the rain that comes with it is just around the corner, and the Miata has to go into the garage for winter though it would be nice to have it now so I didn’t have to put the top up every night.

Gotta go, system is crashing.


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