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Aug '13

Swanda Is In The House.

Well, it’s been a month since the car has been out of the shop so I can run it through the auto wash – they said I could hand wash it the first month – like that is going to happen.

And I had a free wash card. After five cheap ones they give you a free expensive one with all the colored foam.

Takes me back to the sixties (in reality the seventies and early eighties).

Was out running errands and didn’t get back to the house until a little after 4 – to find Swanda arrived early. Luckily on five minutes early.

Got the car uploaded – well mostly, some non-important stuff is still in the trunk. Got us cocktails and settled in with the PBS Financial News at 5, followed by the BBC News, then NBC National News and finally the local news at 6:30.

The local news is my cue to start working on dinner so we can eat at seven.

Burried under the asparagus are a couple of steaks – cooked them in the same pan since they take the same amount of time if you like your steaks medium-rare.

Another dining al fresco night.


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