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Aug '13

Open The Shop, Close Down The Re-Entry Party.

Opened the shop today on my regular open/close schedule.

Less traffic through the store than usual – and looking at the numbers for this week they were a little light – guessing everyone is trying to squeeze in that last trip before Labor Day and back to school for folks.

Popped out a little early to start working on a loaf of bread to take to the Breitenbush Re-Entry Party not far from my house – down in Burien. The downside of Burien is that it pretty much knocks out all the bus riders, though it is on the 132 line from downtown.

Ate all sorts of things that aren’t on my diet – mainly involving pasta in a cream sauce (a personal weakness) and what appears to be some sort of frito pie. At least I didn’t fall victim to the dessert table. As usual, twice as much food as we all could eat.

I can’t believe that I stayed up until 4:30am chatting online with boys – and the alarm goes off at 8:30am.



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