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Aug '13

Headed To Kansas City.

Headed to Kansas City, unfortunately sans upgrade – the problem with flying on a Monday.

Got to the Board Room at the airport to find they had remodeled it in my absence… Jill found it claustrophobic, I just found some of the furniture choices “odd”.

Flight was on time – and it was on one of the new 737-900’s with the sky interior of all LED lighting:

Pretty cool actually – though that is a Boeing picture, not mine.

Got the luggage, got the car – a mid-sized SUV Jeep product – got to the hotel and checked in. Actually had a little time before I was due for dinner out in my former suburbs which allowed me to chill a bottle of wine:

The reason for this trip is to connect with Obrad, who is back in Kansas City for a 40 year reunion of AFS students – one of which will be at dinner along with her host sister.

Driving out there I realized I don’t miss the suburbs with all the twisty, windy roads that don’t seem to connect to anything. Thank goodness for GPS on the phone as I would have been totally lost.

Good dinner, good conversation, and a good bottle of really old wine:

Didn’t stay too late, for tomorrow is another day.


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