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Aug '13

Off To The Longhouse Gathering

With Weiner Wagon In Tow.

Let’s just say the weather changed while I was on the road – think rain – think rain that is sometime Midwestern rain – that heavy cats/dogs/the whole damn barn full of animals.

I needed to pick up Boo at noon down in Lakewood (45 minutes in good traffic, an hour today) and because northbound was even more of a mess than southbound we wound through the city of Tacoma to get past where the accident was. Should have brought the station wagon with its automatic transmission.

After a little interlude back at the house it was time to decide whether to go out to the gathering tonight, or wait for the morning and better weather. Boo made the call for tonight so it was rushing to pack everything up.

And what after getting there did I discover I’d forgotten?

  • A sleeping bag for Boo
  • All the condiments for the Weiner Wagon (ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish – I did remember the cheese, kraut, chili and onions)

We were the first ones there. So much for expecting a prepared dinner at 6:00, so it was up the hill to the store for those missing condiments.

Wolf was the next one in, followed around 7 by Moonsong and Unicorn. Finally a camp coming together, but it definitely going to be hot dogs for dinner tonight!

And we resolved the sleeping issue – there is a bunkhouse that has a king size bed that Boo and I can share with my one set of sheets – and for me, it definitely beats sleeping on the single in the wagon – a practice that I’m giving up now that I know about the bunkhouse.

And it was a good thing we were sleeping under a roof as the rains came and went to the volleys of thunder. Not a good day to be a pet (read, cats and dogs).

Just a little water on the ground…

Off to bed early, like 10ish.


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With Weiner Wagon In Tow.

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