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Aug '13

Wake Up At The Bog, Dinner With Faeries.

Left the bog — the Longhouse Gathering is at the edge of a bog, luckily not many mosquitos this time of year – at 9:30 for a quick ice/bun/wieners run, off the land at 10 with enough time to go home to shit/shower/shave.

A good crowd for a three day weekend. You never know how it’s going to be with people in/out of town, Bumbershoot, Sounders game. But it was good – like twice usual when I ran the numbers at the end of the day. Of course, I’d also forgotten that Jim had run the September wine club shipments a day early so that brought us down to a passable but light Saturday. And it will through off our monthly number since August’s totals will have two months of wine club rather than one.

Out of the shop at 7 headed to dinner with DancingBear and BreticusMaximus, and other guest’s the adorable Ethan (straight friend of BM), Marlow and Misha. They actually held the main course of the meal for over an hour so I could come to dinner – and really, there was enough food to feed ten people – and then dessert (which I passed on).

Was home by 10 since I’m working in the morning.

It certainly beat working, then going home, cooking and then finally eating.

[211.4] Damn carbs.

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