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Sep '13

Back From The Bog.

Breakfast (carb heavy) at 10 and the Weiner Wagon was fired up at noon.

The Wagon seems to be a hit with the campers. The plan is to get off the land by 2pm with Boo in tow, and it did happen.

Home by 2:30 and the Weiner Wagon parked in the garage – and time to start the cleaning process after a little fooling around.

Got one load of the three loads going before I dropped Boo back off in Lakewood. The 45 minute drive each way is starting to wear on me – and so soon. It’s like Seaside Boy and Everett. Maybe I should find someone closer.

A quiet steak dinner at home.

Nice to be back in my own bed.

[209.6] 3pm reading.

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