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Sep '13

Catch Up Day.

  • Time to catch up on all the stuff that hasn’t gotten done over the last week.
  • Blog posts
  • Wine tasting posts to www.localwineevents.com and the www.centraldistrictnews.com sites
  • Scan the Wallastor snail mail and send it off to Japan
  • Book three round-trips to San Francisco ($154 r/t) to get a 10,000 mile bonus
  • Getting an RMA to return the icemaker that stopped working last week

Icemaker packed up in a thick Styrofoam cooler – killing two birds with one stone… getting ice maker fixed and getting rid of cooler. Downside is that it will be 2.5 weeks before it returns.

And a funny thing happened this afternoon – Seaside Boy texted me out of the blue. Apparently the Everett relationship didn’t work out and now he’s in a polyamorous relationship with three guys in Covington. At least this one is an open relationship and Covington is only half an hour away. Wasn’t I just asking for a closer relationship?

And he now has a beard:

Off to Honolulu tomorrow – no need to really pack anything as I’ll only be there for 3 hours – but I did snag First Class upgrades in both directions. Downside is that I can’t change my return seat from 4D to 1D until I get to the airport — which means it will probably already be gone at that point. Oh well, don’t look a free upgrade in the mouth.

Chicken chunks over a big salad for dinner.

Trying to keep those pounds off.


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