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Sep '13

Not So Sunny Sunday.

Well – the weather has finally turned. Cooler, light rain during shop hours, good for sales of Cabernet, not so much for the whites. Managed to sell out of the $10 Cabernet from the Columbia Valley that we had on offer today – so much so that we’ll be getting in some for special orders (along with their Syrah) and restocking it even though the original plan was to discontinue this one as we have another $10 Columbia Valley Cabernet as well.

The vagaries of the wine biz.

A good day at the shop by Sunday standards — guessing having two bottles open (well, today with the leftovers from yesterday SEVEN) is helping to bring people in. Maybe it’s the note at the bottom on the weekly email announcements that reminds people that we are open Sunday.

After work it was a business meeting down at Jims to talk about advertising for the fall, things that need refreshed around the shop – yet another to-do list. Makes to now with Dan’s What’s That Bug refresh as well. If you haven’t checked out What’s That Bug you should. Great for bug identification, great to find “bug sex” pictures, great to just poke around in.

Speaking of the weather – the jerked pork ribs that were to be done on the grill weren’t. A downpour keep the coals from getting lit. Instead they were done in the oven and still came out tasty.

As for the wine – it was the leftovers from the tasting today – a Sunday tradition.


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