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Sep '13

Four Trade Tastings

Made It To One

It must be fall – all the distributors are having their Monday Trade Tastings… apparently all on the same Monday. Four today. I made it to one, Jim made it to two.

American Northwest was the tasting that both Jim and I made it to. I figure I got through about half of the wines they had open – in two hours. Lots of good food there as well – but a bit of a mob scene. My strategy was to hit the tables where there weren’t many people. I definitely wanted a nap when I got home.

In other news there is progress on the South Park Bridge project:

They have one of the drawspans installed! Can’t wait for next spring’s opening. Was supposed to be this fall, but the east side base developed problems – the same side that was the cause of the previous bridges closing.

Quiet dinner at home. Just packing for tomorrow’s trip to San Francisco.


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Made It To One

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