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Sep '13

Monthly Work Friday.

Today is my monthly work Friday – and it wasn’t too bad of a sales day, broke four digits which isn’t bad for a Friday.

SalamanderHellbender showed up around 6:30 to taste some wine and take me to a thank you/birthday dinner after work – unfortunately it started to rain before I noticed – and the top was down… we went to the restaurant sitting on wet seats.

Dinner was good – at the Elysian Fields. SM had the French Dip, UM had the South Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich (mustard style) – and we were both good and had the salads.

Got home around 9PM (after swinging back by for the old icemaker – put the new one at the shop) to the unpleasant task of getting the car to fit back in the garage WITH the Weiner Wagon as well.

A lot of rearranging and we have this:

As you can see, the top is cocked, the trunk is open – really trying to prevent mold from setting in from its unexpected bath.

Finally got packed – and of course stayed up WAY too late, again.


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