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Sep '13

Another Faerie At Sea.

Lazy day here on the boat – lots of lying around reading.

  • Finished: Where The Sea Breaks Bad (non-fiction about a Bering Sea adventure)
  • Started: Anatomy of Motive (non-fiction about FBI profiling techniques)

Why I seemed to grab three non-fictions and one fiction is beyond me – guess I packed in a hurry. I still have Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project to read in the non-fiction category as well as Dean Koontz’ Intensity in the fiction column.

Another great sunset:


A smaller group of The Friends of Dorothy (the gay meet-up), but noticed two that hadn’t joined our little club and invited them over – turns out I know one of them (from Vancouver) from the Radical Faeries. Small world. He and his friend//boyfriend are headed to DisneyLand the long way. And as we were breaking up two younger guys (decked out in sports coats) inquired if this was the FOD meeting we confirmed that even though it isn’t on the schedule, why yes, we were doing it 5 every afternoon.

Dinner a little later, 7:30ish, which meant a table to ourselves.

As for me – as the ship was rocking I slept on the couch until 3 when the seas calmed down a bit. Easier for me to go up and down rather than side to side.

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