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Oct '13

Off On Another Mileage Run.

If it’s the fall, it must be time to rack up miles:

  • SEA-SFO = 678
  • SFO-NRT = 5,124
  • NRT-HKG = 1,827
  • HKG-SFO = 6,914
  • SFO-SEA = 678

Total = 15,221, plus my 50% bonus as a Premier Gold for a total 22,831 miles – almost a round-trip ticket within the US in coach (25,000 miles)

This is what the trip looks like.

It’s an OK initial flight time of 9:26am out of Seattle, and an hour 25 layover in San Francisco (and an hour in Tokyo).

Stay tuned for the details of how it went – wanted to get this out so you all know where I am at the moment.


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