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Oct '13

Unexpected Dinner Invitation.

Shop day today for me. Took the wagon today since I have four rolling carts to integrate into the shop… which I realized wasn’t going to be that easy since there are cases and cases of wine waiting for thewine club shipments. Maybe I should have done this next week – after all the shipments are boxed (and hopefully picked up).

Oh well – that spent the first two hours of the day.

Didn’t get to much of what was on mine and Jim requests lists – luckily it was customers keeping me from my list.

And speaking of customers, it was almost like Gay Days and Madrona Wine Merchants – at 4:30 DancingBear, BreticusMaximus and JohnJack were all in at the same time as one of our regular gay couples (that sounds odd doesn’t it). Six gay men standing around drinking wine. How odd.

The upshot of all this was a dinner invitation up north after I got off. Gotta love a free dinner from people buying your wine.

Short entry today – just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.


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