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Nov '13

New Orleans Monday.

Maybe 5 hours of sleep last night. Dragging my ass to the airport this morning. First run with the new suitcase. Wish me luck.

Flights on time, sitting in First (used miles for the ticket), all is good).

Plenty of time in Houston for a Rueben for lunch… which kept me full until after 8pm. WOW – considering the sandwich was at 3PM.

The Colonels met me at the airport which was sweet of them. They brought me to the Avenue Plaza Resort – a WorldMark resort on the St. Francis streetcar line in the Garden District. Kate had a couple of glasses of wine, I had a couple of glasses of Bourbon, Eric was driving. They left after an hour or so to let me get settled – and at least Eric is an early-to-bed kinda guy.

As for me, I had another Bourbon and started thinking dinner and shopping for breakfast.

First stop: Houstons (where I ate at the bar the last time I was in New Orleans).It’s a small chain – guessing this one is the only one with live jazz.

Here is the menu: http://www.hillstone.com/pdf_menus/houstons/Houstons_St_Charles.pdf

Sat at the bar (again) and had the Soup of the Day: Red Bean Andouille and the St. Francis Oysters on a bed of creamed spinach, either of which would have been the dinner I needed after my late lunch. Combine it with a Sazerac Rye and Dolan Vermouth (we sampled this yesterday) Manhattan to wash it down and the phrase out of my mouth was “Dear Lord, take me now, it doesn’t get any better.”

Some pictures. The bar:

The band:

The food:

And if I can make this work – a 30 second video of the band.

Great conversation at the bar with a neighbor who asked my wine advice and I took the bartenders since nothing on the menu I knew… and the bartender treated me to a sample. GOOD. Not sure I’d pay $14 for a glass of it… guess I’d better research the bottle price. The wine was: Mi Sueño El Llano | Napa Valley 14!/!52.Hispanic winemaker, Napa Valley grapes. ViVino, my phone app lists 17 like, no dislikes and a score of 85. It’s labeled Cabernet Sauvignon but has some Syrah in it. Unfiltered so it’s throws a little sediment at the end of the bottle.

Next up was Walgreens for soda, eggs, cheese, and a 3-day Bus/Streetcar Pass.

Unfortunately the mini-mart closed at 8pm. I was hoping for cooking spray, green onions (doubtful) and salsa. They are on the same block as the timeshare and the amazing 24-hour Bar/Grill/Slot Machine/Laundromat:

What it says in the center is IGORS. I’ll try at get a better shot of it tomorrow.

For now, off to bed with Letterman.


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One Response to “New Orleans Monday.”

  1. Jack Says:

    OK, so it’s a version of Rockefeller? Looks like just two of those would be enough to make a dinner 🙂

    I usually eat oysters raw, with a little mignonette sauce, but I don’t live in NOLA. If I did, I’d probably eat them however they showed up – even with Beignets in the morning.