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Nov '13

Dive Bar Tuesday.

The main cultural item for today in the Louisiana State Museum, a 2-floor museum next to the St. Louis Cathedral across from Jackson Square. The bottom floor is devoted primarily to Katrina (the Tropical Storm you might remember) including items such as Fats Waller’s flood damaged grand piano:

The upstairs of the museum is devoted to Mardi Gras – with separate sections about the krewe associations (social clubs), the various balls, the regal finery etc. Here is an example of subtle outfit on display:

Oddly enough my most amusing shot is of the bathroom door on the Marti Gras floor:

Done up to look like a porta-pottie.

After the museum is was off to lunch at a place I can’t remember the name of already. Then I needed to get back to the condo for a meeting to answer some timeshare questions I had – and walking towards the streetcar there was this little brass band out busking:


I met back up with the Colonels for dinner a Igors Bar/Grill/Gameroom/Lending Library/Laundromat a couple of doors down. As promised, a better shot of the sign:

And a shot of the Colonels:

Good burgers – think we hit the end of happy hour so my well Manhattan (which had a lovely diesel nose to it) was $3.00. The burgers were made to order as were the fries – by the bartender. I’m guessing he has help on the weekends. Not bad for a dive bar being visited by a trio of old white people.

They headed back to their timeshare and me back to mine.

Off to the bayou tomorrow.

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