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Nov '13

Bayou Day, Then A Repeat For Dinner.

Off to Bayou Country we go at 10:30… being led astray my Señor Garmin who doesn’t think that the freeways are a good choice.

Here is where we are headed:

We made it to Laura, then Oak Alley, then Houmas – at least we got into the grounds of Houmas since a gate was open – well, at least the grounds. At $20 a pop per person… beauty from afar is fine:

The main houses (above), and where “the help” lives”:

Those are about three dorms deep… and I’m guessing they are painted much better than when they were slave quarters.


And we have Kate and Waylen at one of the three plantations we visited. And now our lunch spot where I had the seafood gumbo and the alligator appetizer:

Yes, a former slave dormitory now connected to a former general store.

Got the Colonels to swing by what I was hoping was a massive liquor mart… cheaper than the mini-mart next to the condo, but not that cheap – all this for a 30 minute detour on the way home.

We were all bushed – the Colonels headed back to the French Quarter after dropping me off – we’ll have a farewell dinner tomorrow.

Me, it was raining when it was dinner time. Looked at the Mr. Johns Steak House menu in the lobby – it’s just off the condo. A little stuffy, and if I’m going to pay that much money for the salad I want I might as well get a jazz trio at Houstons as part of the bill. And it’s raining out, so Voodoo BBQ is too far to walk in the rain, and too long to wait for the street car.

I went for the Seared Ahi Tuna salad, needing my greens… and I ended up with:

  1. The Sazerac

Just FYI, Herbsaint is a Absinthe like thingee: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbsaint. And it’s either 90 or 100 proof so we can’t carry it at theshop. DAMN.

  1. The French Dip

The above should be entitled French Dip With Sazerac. Damn, more carbs – but it was a house made egg roll that was stunning. As was the medium rare roast beef in the middle – and the ramekin of creamy horseradish. Best $20 French Dip I’ve ever had (OK – I’ve never paid $20 for a French Dip). This is the same dish I saw sitting at the bar on Monday that the guy next to me was eating.

I finished my evening in my bath robe while taking care of this – thanks Kate for reminding me that I might as well go home with clean clothes:

Entitled: Clean Clothes With Cocktail.

Night all.

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