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Nov '13

Work Day.

Work Day – but not in the traditional sense, more in the doing lots of stuff related to the shop that doesn’t pay an hourly rate. The “got it done” list for today:

  • Built two more rolling racks
  • Cut all the wood for empty 6-pack box storage in the hallway of the wine shop
  • Got the shelves installed (but not painted – think January for that once two of the pieces dry out [they came from a scrap of wood that was outside])
  • Got the filing cabinet moved out of the back room meaning four cases of wine can be stored in the same space
  • Got the new rolling racks stocked
  • Loaded up all the big recycling (flattened boxes)

All this an prepping for dinner with BreticusMaximus [BM] and DancingBear [DB] – this time at my place, this time a bacon wrapped pork loin:

BM made rice (he’s Hawaiian – it comes out naturally better) and DB made pan gravy, something I have NO talent at all making.

And our final shot of the day is DB holding the two “wine” bottles for their upcoming cruise – one has Bombay Sapphire Gin, one has Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Some day the cruise lines will catch on, but until then, “party on”:

I wish my cell phone had image stabilization. Sigh.


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