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Nov '13

Tasting/Art Reception/Packing.

Well, the post heading tells my day.

Good crowds at the tasting which makes up for the $171 in sales from 11-3 before the artist reception. Suzanne (Jimmie’s girlfriend) put on quite the spread for her winter opening – Bajin Spiced Spiral-cut Ham, salmon dips, onion dip, cheese platter, chips, cookies, sliced apples…. And luckily there were the crowds to put a big dent in it.

Here is one of the pieces hanging – though I think this one is already sold:

These are studies from her upcoming Spring 2015 release of a technical manual on painting landscapes. Here is a blurb from my blog a couple of years ago about her book on portrait painting that continues to sell well:

And we already have our first artist show hanging (art won over wine maps in the on-line poll). The featured artist is Suzanne Brooker, artist, teacher, and author of the successful art instruction book, Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications.

As the artist reception usually do – it ran late. There are worse things in life. Got home about 6 rather than the usual 5:30. On tonight’s menu is steak and salad – and the steak is almost as big as my head – no room on the plate for salad:

Luckily there was the remnants of last night’s salad – which surprisingly the boys didn’t finish – I blame that on the two loaves of bread that I baked:

Didn’t get all the way packed, but close. Question is “will this be the trip that I rely completely on the tablet?”


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