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Nov '13

Hello Honolulu.

Got the upgrade. Got my favorite seat – let’s pray for the return trip as well.

Out of the house at 10:30 which means plenty of time… which usually means I won’t need the time, traffic will be fine and I’ll find a close in parking space in front of the airport at only $10 a day.

With the early arrival it means that I can hang out in Scotty Brown’s Social Club which is actually a really good restaurant in the gate area. It’s a small mostly Canadian (7 locations or so) and soon to be 3 US locations (two in Bellingham) with the addition of a Bellevue branch. I had the one (freaking huge) piece Halibut Fish and Chips (extra tartar .50 but worth it) – and they make a great Manhattan (in the background) using the well bourbon Evan Williams (my go-to none special occasion bourbon). Looks tasty – and other than the sunflower seeds in the slaw, it was great.


Plane left on time, but with headwinds we were a few minutes getting in. And then it was getting my luggage (second bag off – amazing) and finding the Speedi-Shuttle stand, which was mobbed. Got to the hotel a little before 10pm and then set off on errands once I hit the room.

Was looking for eggs, soda, and bourbon. Found the last two at the first try, the closest ABC store along with a snack – once my blood-sugar had calmed down from the snack and a cocktail it was off to a larger ABC store (also checked out the Whalers which seems to be a buck or so cheaper on the booze) and got 8 eggs – yes, an 8-pack, along with a Portuguese salami and some string cheese for morning omelets.

The room isn’t bad… a little kitchenette, no stove or burners:

It seems like I’m in a handicapped unit – which is what I think I had the last time staying here… but it’s comfortable and the bathroom is huge (to accommodate a wheelchair):

And the main room.

Off to explore in the morning.

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