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Nov '13

Big Day In Honolulu.

Might as well just do my day in pictures… pretty flowers waiting for the shuttle to Hilo Hatties:

Hilo Hatties is the first stop – walk through the store to look for nonexistent bargains (well, I did find the hot pink 50th Anniversary shopping bag for $1.99), then walk over to the Salvation Army (three Tommy Bahama Silk Hawaiian Shirts and a Mount Gay Regatta Baseball cap since I forgot a hat this trip – all for $27.00 since Tuesday was Senior Day and they thought I was a senior) and then onto Kmart, just across the street (stickers for me and SeasideBoy, and an 8-pack of Coke Zero for the fridge).

Changes have come to that little neighborhood – Sam Choys (the place I used to go for seafood and manhattans) has closed down. Seems I missed it by about six months: http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2013/03/06/sam-choys-breakfast-lunch-crab.html

Back at Hilo Hatties after my walkabout I grabbed a shrimp plate from Big T’s Shrimp Truck – of Hawaii 5 0 fame:

And would you believe that he was there in person!

And I even got a picture with him!

A really great shuttle (the free Hilo Hatties shuttle) driver this time – he even stopped for a few minutes by the Aloha tower to show us some coral with lots of fishies swimming around – it didn’t hurt that he threw a handful of bread crumbs in:

Then it was back to the Royal Garden – here is a shot from my lanai (a fancy Hawaiian word for balcony):

The one toward the ocean didn’t turn out so well.

Next up was a light (sort of) dinner at Choco House which is only open for dinner – and I swear that I was the only white person in the place – everyone was chattering away in Japanese. My sushi platter – yes, there was rice (and miso soup):

Not bad for $17.00 (plus tip). Reminds me that I’m two cities behind on my Trip Advisor restaurant reviews. Maybe tomorrow before the “presentation” I signed up for in exchange for $125 which I’m using to finance my Eco Around The Island Tour With Lunch for Thursday.

Needed a light dinner since I have a date tonight…

He is much sweeter than he looks in this picture where he looks like a tough biker. Wasn’t an overnight date as he works to 11-7am shift.

I’m hoping for a repeat tomorrow night.

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