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Nov '13

Going To Be A Long Day.

Up at 5:30 – tour bus leaves at 8:30 and I’d like some food in my belly.

I was at the pickup point at 8:30 – and it was more like 8:45 when they showed up… first stop was Wiamea Falls, which I’d been to the lower free portions several times over the years, but admission was included so up to the falls go I. I will admit to paying the $6 for the roundtrip golf cart ride – it’s going to be a LONG day of walking, best not to blow my knee out at the beginning of the day:

Lots of pretty flora and fauna:


Stopped at the same stand that Darcie, Jean and I stopped at last fall on our way to the North Shore – this time I actually got one of these deep fried treats:

So this tour is the Ultimate Circle Island Oahu Eco-Adventure Tour:

Lots of pretty beaches around the island:

The Japanese Byodo-In Temple:

And it’s river of fish:

And from our last stop of the day – Hama Bay, an impromptu group shot minus myself and another one or two. We were pretty bushed by this time of the day:

Back to the hotel drop point at a little after 6pm – the second stop which was nice concidering I was the last stop on the way out. Went next door to Vits Hawaiian Steakhouse for a quick bit before the airport shuttle picks me up at 7:30. Had the Kaula Pork on a Taro Bun – maybe the BEST Kaula pork I’ve ever had – and the slaw was good too!

Why, yes, that would be a Manhattan in the background – though the bartender had to look up the recipe – I like both the cherry AND the lemon twist.

Honolulu Airport now has the TSA-Pre expedited security which met a fast an easy passage into the secure area and on to the Delta Sky Club lounge for two and a half hours of catching up on email, blog posts, wine shop posts and whiskey drinking.

Plane took off a little late – after midnight, but I’m headed back to Bellingham.

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