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Dec '13

Another Day, Another Run.

A pretty decent day at the shop – even with people just swinging in to pick up their wine club shipments. Makes up for the just OK day yesterday.

Headed home for a steak and salad dinner… and another run through the still.

You might (or not) ask how I know when to turn the still off. The answer is testing for alcohol content, which I cap at 90 proof (45% alcohol by volume). How do I know when it drops to that:

A graduated cylinder and alcohol proof gauge.

That’s the last of the feed stock – though I heard a rumor that five more cases may be available – not that I have any place to put them – this last run I had to bottle as “white dog”, aka unaged shine.

The results of the last week. The jars aging (out of jars, out of space, though that’s easier to manage):

And the White Dog.

Finally – there is room under my dining table, which is where all the cases of wine had been stored – if I stored them in the garage it would take longer to distill since I’d have to bring them up from 40 degree rather than the 70 degrees the house is set for. No Jimmy Carter sweaters for me (68 degrees).

Time to move back to the rolling bar project.



2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Run.”

  1. The Senior Colonel Says:

    Man, all us country boys know that Shine don’t age in glass. Does it?

  2. UncleMarkie Says:

    Hence the name “White Dog”… unaged.